Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Behh, oui, trop longtemps...

Il faisait trop longtemps..

It’s been a while, really. A month, almost.

My b.

So, anyway, as a general update about my schooling here (since my parents are worried that I partypartyparty and traveltraveltravel instead of actually attending classes….)

I’ve changed my schedule around a bit, as two of the courses I’d signed on to take were going to be impossibly difficult. As it stands, I’m taking Persian, a masters course in linguistics, a masters course in literature that focuses on racism in Britain in the 20th century, and linguistic theory.

Persian is still pretty boring as far as actual class time is concerned, but I’m trying desperately to stay motivated in case I somehow receive a CLS scholarship for this summer. (I’m supposed to find out by “mid-February” which is, in fact, very soon..) Effort, effort. Must find effort!

Language and Space is taught in English by this really great professor. His style of teaching is much, much more American than anyone else I’ve encountered here at Lille III and it’s not only comforting, but very effective for my learning. We get to talk about really interesting things. Posture verbs, motion and manner verbs, and grammatical constraints on them. :D Loads of other things too, I’m sure, but we’re only a few weeks into the semester.

My course about race relations in Britain is potentially my favorite. It’s at 8:30 in the morning on Tuesdays, but the professor is amazing. He’s completely awake, full of energy, and likes to make sly comments. He’s very knowledgeable and the course itself is fascinating. I’ve never learned much of anything about Britain and I know only vaguely about race relations in the US, so it’s really wonderful.

Linguistic Theory is a final year course for French majors who are specializing in linguistics. My professor is compleeeeeeetely boring and lectures the entire 3 hours 9:30-12:30 and then again another hour 2-3. Straight lecturing and reading from a paper, basically. Luckily, it’s been mainly about historical linguistics and language evolution/families/typology which is what I love. It’s not been too difficult, though last week, my professor said a few words in French that I had never heard previously (so I pretended to write them down in my notes while panicking.)

In any case, my courses are really going just fine and I still have loads of free time here.

Well, I mean, not course-time. I mainly waste all my free time, and I’ve been much more social this semester.

But being social updates will have to wait until later, as I am about to go be social again.

Hopefully, à demain!

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