Monday, March 28, 2011

Venezia, Italia.

Venice, Italy.

Because I am a smart little traveler, I checked the train stations for our travels to Venice and discovered that we weren’t in fact catching a train from the main station, but a teeny one a little further down. Trusty-hostel-owner printed off a little time sheet for us, and we managed to make it there the next morning quite alright. We had a bit of time to kill while waiting for our train, so I ate some kinder bueno. Once we got on the train, it was like a dream come true! It was a train of compartments! You know, straight up out of Harry Potter where there’s a long hallway and little separate compartments to sit in! So neat. SO. NEAT. Not so neat to be sharing a compartment with 2-3 slightly staring men, but such is life. The scenery outside was also amazing, and though previously I wanted to say it was the best, I have gone and changed my mind again and decided that Rome to Florence was in fact the most beautiful train ride ever. We got into the station in Venice, navigated to our hostel, which was a bit dark and musty feeling, but quite close to the train and bus stations, so definitely worth the downsides in order to easily catch our 5:45am bus to the airport on the morning of departure…

In any case, after dropping off our things, we set out to explore and eventually find some food. In fact, “exploring and finding food” sums up our entire two-day stay in Venice quite nicely, I think. Whereas Rome and Florence had been in the 50s, perhaps the 40s in Florence, Venice was barely above freezing. We layered up, snuck inside when we got too cold, and mainly just enjoyed dillydallying about the little city. It was magical, of course. The gondolas and personal boats and doors up against the canals, no cars or bikes, mask shops everywhere. It was really a pleasant city. I’d love to go back.

(Trying to stay in the sunshine and warmth..)
(Piazza San Marco)
(Laura is a genius and this photo of hers is awesome.)
(Lots of bridges. Lots of poses. Lots of poses on bridges..)(Really, really awesome bookstore whose name I forget :/)
(My parents think we look like sisters. Not all brunettes with glasses look like me...)
(so neat, so neat, so neat!)
(Another beaut' from Laura.)
(The end.)

Actually, thinking of Italy again, I’d love to go back to each city. Rome is still my favorite city in Europe (as of yet). I love Italian. It just seems so much more natural to hear and to speak than French (which was not at all a comforting feeling at the time). I love the food. I just overall had a blast on the trip, despite my mood swings and crankiness. It was a wonderful experience with friends as well, since I’d become so accustomed to traveling on my own. Even with snafus over where and when to stop and eat, what to see and do, and just about everything else, it’s so good to be with company when you’re seeing such beautiful things that you’ll remember the rest of your life. Because then you remember together. :)

Fin d’Italie.


(Coming soon, an update about my “romantic weekend” to Paris with Laura which I’m fairly certain I never actually discussed on here, a breakdown of James’ visit over St. Patrick’s Day, a potential summation of my feelings/emotions at the present time, and some discussion for my future here in Europe for the next 51 days. 51 days until I take that flight home with my family.)

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