Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Londres, Vendredi, Samedi, et Dimanche - 19/11, 20/11, et 21/11

Back in Cilantro. Hazelnut hot chocolate? Mmmm.. Friday was superbbb! Woke up, met Will at King's Cross. Had a near crisis thinking I wouldn't be able to get to Platform 9 and 3/4, but William saved the day and we successfully got our photos! I can now die happy. But, not yet. We took the tuuuube to Leicester Square and snagged a table in a cafe where Will CHUGGED his tea before we tried marmite and speculoos. Marmite. Is. Bizarre. Speculoos. Is. Delicious. Finished and met Rosie, Meaghan, and Paulina. The actual theater (cinema!) had a balcony level and neat curtains to unveil the screen. Movie was AMAZING. Can't believe I've already seen it and will have to wait until summer to see the final installment. I think my heart just stopped for a second. Anyway, shortly after, we ended up saying goodbye.
I took the Oxford Tube bus to go stay with Rosie. Upon arrival, we got some super yummy Noodle Nation noodles. Got back, hung out with Rosie, Meaghan, Paulina, Nikita, and maybe others as well. Went to bed, slept way late. Had lunch in "The Hall" and then wandered around Oxford while they went to a play/studied. It's really beautiful city. Bought three poster things and assisted some nice foreign boy with his choosing. Went back to Rosie's and was forced to watch Glee. Don't really know how to feel about it, and resent the huge support of it. Went to dinner in "The Hall" again. Then went to a few pubs, including the favorite of C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkein! Tried "winter pims" which was fairly pleasant. Had a good night/late night, woke up and came back to London on the bus.

In Trafalgar Square. It's lovely. Cold. Lonely. <3 href="">
Saturday, Oxford:
Views from the London Eye
Piccadilly Circus
Trafalgar Square:


  1. Wow, You packed a lot in, well done :-) It sounds like you had a blast in London, its such a great city, so much to do and see! I hope you got about on foot for a while, its the best way to see London I think.

    Im no big drinker, but pims are really yummy :-D

  2. I did a lot of walking and wandering around the city, and it was wonderful. :) I saw your school, remember?! :P